TPA’s – Third Party Administrator- services are aimed at Public Entities (Regions, Municipalities, Provinces …) who have to manage the claims on their TPL policy within the excess. Not having an in-house lawyer they outsource this service.

The service will be provided as follows:

  • The Public Administration representative will send the claim to ADJUSTING & CLAIMS SERVICE Scrl – Claims Office by mail: or by fax n. 06/45555011 or by registered mail: Piazza delle Muse, 8 – 00197 Rome
  • Once received the claim, A&C Service will communicate to the Entity the opening of the claim and the number referring to the file.
  • A&C Service will collect all the necessary information and documents for the complete investigation of the claim, in order to determine the foundation of the reimbursement request for the Entity and to manage all contacts with the counterparts and their lawyers until the claim’s closure.
  • A&C Service will send all records of interest to the third party or his lawyer, or to the Public Entity who is a client.

Regarding this, listed below are examples of the documentation generally needed for the claim management, which may be requested to the Entity during the opening of the claim:

  • A copy of the insurance policy (to verify its terms and limits);
  • A copy of the first reimbursement request (including any potwntial attachments: photographic documentation, estimation about the fixing up of the car, first aid memo, medical report, ect…);
  • Memo of the intervened authorities;
  • A copy of a possible correspondence with the claimant before and after the first reimbursement request;
  • A copy of the Report written by the technical office.
  • Any useful documentation for the investigation of the report.

Moreover, every claim will be shortly managed by A&C Service thanks to a web management platform, which will allow interaction between users and access to a variety of claim management forms merely using a computer and an internet connection.